When all you need to have to be a volunteer is just the most passionate part of you, you got to know where the right place is for you. Explore and take a look at the top three (3volunteer abroad programs of 2020. Who knows, this could be your next travel destination at the same time, your new life mission.  

Top 1: Global Vision International 

Global Vision International (GVI) was founded by Richard Walton in 1997. It is an award-winning volunteer abroad program that pursues to improve the quality and conservation of life in communities. GVI has about more than 25,000 volunteers all over the globe, especially in Asia, Africa and Europe.  Volunteer programs have different starter rates, depending on the nature of the program. As a newbie in the volunteer field, you can start with the rate of $2,000 for a week. They have sustainable projects and welcomes first time volunteers in action to various projects. Three of the best volunteer programs they have are following: Elephant Rehabilitation in Thailand, Seychelles Marine Conservation Program and Expedition for Wildlife Research in Africa.  

Top 2Maximo Nivel 

Maximo Nivel (MN) was established in 2003. It made an avenue for young volunteers, like high school students and young working professionals. It provides amazing volunteer programs in the Latin America. As a starter in volunteer work, you can try their one-week program. For only $595 a week, you can start to join in the three of their top volunteer programs are the Volunteer to Teach English, where the volunteer will undergo TEFL courses before the immersion. They also have the Volunteer Adventure, a two week, three-country volunteer program where you will tour and hike while providing service to the community. Internship for Micro Business, this is good for high school and graduating students who are taking business courses or wished to have experience in the field. This is also your opportunity to learn Spanish, because it is a must to be admitted in the program.  

Top 3: Love Volunteers 

Love Volunteers (LV) was founded in 2009 by the brother and sister team from New Zealand, Julian and Kelly. They are committed to volunteer more than 100 programs in the field of health, social and legal services, education and childcare. LV has ongoing projects in more than 30 countries across the South and Central America, Africa and Asia. For new volunteers, you can start as a volunteer for only $175 for a week and a onetime sign up payment of $249.  On top of the list for their volunteer programs is Special Education Program in Nepal. It is followed by Childcare Program in Costa Rica and Elderly Care in Ecuador.   

Sounds great right? Well, these there organization and their programs are just an overview of the volunteer world. Indeed, in volunteering, we are able to see the world without a filter and we have the power to change it into something wonderful without hesitation and doubt. Take the lead and join the volunteer movement. Make living worthwhile for we only have one shot in this lifetime. Volunteer!